Saturday, March 15, 2008

Letter from Terry Crawford-Brown

Dear Friends:

As you will have learned, the Minister of Finance got his interim gagging order this morning, and I have been ordered to remove defamatory material from my blogsite. The order stipulates that it "is not directed to stop [me] from participating in a debate of immense public importance", and [the Minister] is "ordered to launch his action within 20 days."

The order is not unexpected, and becomes an opportunity to reopen the whole arms deal corruption scandal. In response to the Minister's action, we will unload the evidence into the court records where the evidence can speak for itself.

The President's credibility was shredded at Polokwane. Minister Alec Erwin's credibility has been shredded by Eskom. And now Minister Trevor Manuel's credibility is being shredded by the collapse of the rand and the pending financial crisis, of which he was warned by the 1999 arms deal affordability study but chose to ignore. These three are the surviving "big fish" of the arms deal -- Manuel's responsibility being its affordability and financing.

Meanwhile, as Andrew Feinstein's attached invitation to his seminar at the Book Lounge next Thursday makes clear, the whole arms deal saga is coming to a head with foreign investigations into BAE bribes. European governments have for years been complicit in the corruption that permeates the arms industry, and wrapped it in phoney patriotism. When in 1998 I asked the British government to investigate whether BAE was bribing Tony Yengeni and other ANC politicians, the response was that it was not illegal in Britain to bribe foreigners and, therefore, there was no crime to investigate.

A British government minister in 2004 finally admitted that bribes were paid to secure the BAE contracts with South Africa but, she pleaded, the bribes were "within reasonable limits". British researchers estimate those bribes at GBP 112 million, or R1.6 billion. Similarly, Thyssen Krupp has admitted that it paid bribes to secure the German warship contracts. That company also pleads that bribery of foreigners was then legal in Germany, and that the payments were even tax deductible as a legitimate business expense.

Corruption is not a "victimless crime." The poor are its main victims not only through the misallocation of public resources, but as the main victims of violent crime. The arms deal unleashed corruption and organised crime in South Africa on such a scale that our hard-won transition to democracy is, sadly, now in jeopardy,



Monday, March 3, 2008

South Africa: What Future Is There For Whites And Other Minorities?

South Africa: What Future Is There For Whites And Other Minorities?

Mike Smith

What future is there for whites and other minorities in South Africa? It is not just whites who will disappear under the ANC/Communist rule, but all minorities - Coloureds, Indians and smaller black tribes.

I decided to take stock and maybe come up with a solution or a rescue plan to save the whites of South Africa. My approach will be two fold. First, we will look at the current path we are on and secondly, what path we should be on.

The path we are on

In my mind it is clear and there is no doubt that if we carry on the way we do at the moment, the Republic of South Africa will be heading down the same road as Zimbabwe. In a few years from now, we will be just as desperate and destitute as the people of Zimbabwe are now.

Some people may disagree with this. The liberals have faith in the blacks - they believe that blacks need some guidance and training to turn South Africa around. The Left wants to look at Botswana as an example. The Liberals think there is a future for South Africa and …for Africa. These same liberals believe that South Africa is a "Young Democracy", give it time, and all will be right in the end.

Now I have traveled extensively in my life, especially into Africa and I am not a naïve Liberal. I am also not easily convinced by the politically-correct ideology.

On the other end we have the Conservatives and Right-wingers. They are usually just as naïve, if not worse. They try to convince me that a new version of General Koos de la Rey will rise up to lead the Afrikaners to restore South Africa to its former state; the way it was prior to the "Great Afrikaner Betrayal" of 1994, when the known as "The New South Africa" came into existence under Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

These poor deluded souls read the prophecies of Nicholas (Siener) van Rensburg, as an appendix to the Revelations of St. John in The Bible. Some see it as even more accurate than The Bible. After a few drinks they sing "Die Stem" and "De la Rey, De la Rey". Then they talk about the braai, trying to convince their mates about how to solve all the "problems" in South Africa.

The "problems" they solved are normally listed as:

  • Too many Blacks
  • Whites can’t stand together
  • Whites don’t have any good leaders
  • The youth is useless

    After enough talking they go and sleep it off just to wake up the next day wading through the nebula of a bad hangover trying to find their trousers. Welcome to reality!

    The reality in South Africa, let's take stock

    South Africa is run by a Marxist regime. They are hell bent on having major black tribes dominating politics and the economy, and will not stop until they have achieved their goals. It is the same thing every other African country has tried to achieve. The inevitable result is:

  • Total destruction of the economy
  • Total destruction of food production
  • Famine
  • Total destruction and collapse of infrastructure
  • Substandard education
  • he eradication of all possible resistance, whites and other minorities through forced emigration, famine or genocide.

    A pure Communist state

    Zimbabwe-style Communist dictatorship is what the ANC is planning long-term for South Africa. Whether you think it is stupid is totally irrelevant to them. The aim is to stay in power forever. They do not care what they destroy or how many people they brutally kill in the process.

    Now some deluded artists like Steve Hofmeyer, et al reckons, "No way!" or "Over my dead body".

    Well Steve, I have news for you - that is exactly what is going to happen. They are going to take your beloved Pretoria and your beloved Loftus Rugby Stadium and destroy it. They are going to kill your children, rape and kill your wife in front of you and then hack you to death with machetes. Just like everywhere else in Africa!

    This is what's going to happen to every single white family, liberal or conservative, who will not leave the country. They can deny, but deep down, they know it is the truth. They just don’t want to admit it to themselves, because it is just too horrible to imagine.

    I am a realist and I speak the truth. Denial of the truth does not make the truth any less accurate. It remains the truth. Twenty or thirty years from now there will not be a single white person left in South Africa. They will all have either immigrated or been killed in a Rwanda-style genocide.

    Now some will say, "The West will never allow it; they will send troops and rescue us. They will give us asylum". Yes, keep telling yourselves that. When Mugabe drove out 60,000 white farmers, Britain wouldn’t allow them in. Which country wants 60,000 asylum seekers on their doorstep? No one! Now tell me, which country is going to take in four million whites?

    The solution

    There is, however a solution. One can listen to it or discard it as unachievable, but if you do not qualify for immigration and if you are serious about remaining and surviving in South Africa, you may have no choice. General De La Rey will come back. The Boer will again have Generals and heroes, but there are a few things we must do first.

    War goes through a process. First, the civilians need to want the war. That want must be strong enough for the Civilian leaders to act on it. The civilian government then instructs the generals to go to war. Generals are only assistants of the civilian government. Once the General starts the fight, civilian government must stay out of it.

    We need to acknowledge reality. AIDS is not going to kill all the blacks and we will never outnumber them. Apartheid South Africa is gone. We will never get it back. The Boer Republics are gone and not going to be restored. The West is not going to help us in genocide; if anything they will side with the blacks and say that we deserved it.

    Militarily if you are outnumbered you should defend and fight with your back to the wall. Siege warfare is the most difficult of all for the attackers and should only be used as a last resort. Siege warfare causes the enemy will take many casualties and still not win.

    Now start thinking about Bloodriver - classic example of a concentration of numbers and siege warfare. Whether it is political or military warfare, concentration of numbers is your only way to success if you are under siege. Terrain also plays a big role in siege warfare.

    So what do we need to do? White people need to start a "New Great Trek". We need to trek back to the Cape. Why the Cape?

    First, the Blacks have no historical claim to the Cape. The Hotentots who were the original inhabitants, died out from smallpox in the eighteenth century. Current coloureds are mixed from Malaysians, Indonesians, Whites and Hottentots.

    Second, the mountainous terrain makes access difficult. Access on a military scale (tanks, trucks, etc) is only possible through a few mountain passes and back roads. The passes and bridges can be blown up to control access. If it ever comes to a war, that is what we will have to do to defend.

    Third, the Cape has two major harbours, Cape Town and Saldanha. The Cape is militarily strategic and very important to the Western World, so they might assist us. Further, the Cape has fertile soil and lots of water. So we will have plenty of food.

    Some may argue that the Cape has no minerals, and all the gold and diamonds are up north. People won't just leave their houses en masse and look for jobs in the other part of the country.

    Those are all true, but let us think it through. The problem is people's fear of the unknown. Let's look at the original "Great Trek" of our ancestors, including the English who trekked with the Dutch (it's a myth that it was only the Dutch who trekked).

    Our ancestors faced dangers and unknowns worse than we ever would. They faced no infrastructure, lots of dangerous natives, wild animals, and little medicine. The only available good had to be hunted for. Our situation is a lot better than theirs, but we still don't want to trek. Why?

    It is because we are "materialistic and cultural clingers". We cling to our houses in Waterkloof Ridge and Sandton, we cling to Loftus and the Voortrekker Monument. We cling to the names of Pretoria and Potchefstroom. We cling to the statue of Paul Kruger. We cling to our way of life and that is going to be our downfall. We need to learn to let go. Yes, it may be seen by some as admitting defeat for a proud people, but it will not be a real defeat. Letting go and trekking back to the Cape is a strategic withdrawal, not defeat. If you are not willing to do that, then things are not bad enough for you yet.

    Forget Loftus; we will build a new Loftus in the Cape. Forget the Voortrekker monument; we will build a grander one! Forget that nice house in Sandton, we will build better ones in the Cape. Forget about what political party you vote for in Gauteng, it's useless anyway, and you canvote for them down in the Cape, if you so choose. Let go of your farm; it's lost! We will "Saam Farm" in the Cape on Kibutzes. Forget the gold and diamonds. Without the whites, the blacks will never get it out the ground anyway. We will start new "Gold Mines" in the Cape in the form of tourism and businesses.

    White people of the north, our future is in the "New Great Trek" back to the Cape. It's either staying here in Transvaal and Freestate to get exterminated, or we trek back. Most of us (95%) can't immigrate, but we can make it work in the Cape. You know why? Because we are white! Not only are we going to make it work, but we are going to prosper! We and whites from the Cape can create funds to help people relocate. Whites in the Cape can help with temporary accommodation. We can stay by family or friends. We must just be prepared to take the step. We need to help each other. Once we have numerical superiority in the Cape and Political power, we declare our independence. Furthermore, we need to be prepared to defend the Cape with our lives because the ANC are not going to let us have it without a fight and it will be our last stand on this continent. We also need to ally with the coloureds because they are next in the extermination queue. Forget about the pedantics of politics. This is about survival.

    It would be a new Boer South Africa, maybe much smaller, but safer and sustainable. At least we will be safe and free from ANC oppression. In our new South Africa, we will not have Affirmative Action or Black Economic Empowerment. We will have a proper police force, a functioning justice system, politicians that can govern properly without corruption and the death penalty for seriously violent crimes. We will have proper schools with mother tongue education, proper universities that actually teach, neighbourhoods where our kids can play without fear of crime, and farms where we can grow beautiful crops without the fear of being attacked.

    What is it going to take to get our wheels rolling South? It took a genocide of 6 million Jews to get them to create the state of Israel. But we don't have 6 million people! Are we going to wait for our own holocaust before we begin the trek back? Time will tell.

    Do not be afraid of the numerical difference we would face in a full blown war. Israel has only 6 million Jews and they are surrounded by 200 million hostile Arabs, yet they are holding out. Our ancestors were vastly outnumbered at Bloodriver and they survived. We held out against the Communists with only about 3,000 soldiers on the Angolan border, we can do it again. History is full of outnumbered armies who survived and defeated their aggressors.

    Let us start finding solutions for the problems we face. Let us start identifying the leaders of our "New Great Trek". We need new Piet Retiefs, Andries Pretoriuses and Sarel Cilliers'. There is a lot to think about and plan. I do not have all the answers, but I have faith in my white brethren. I have been known to be a good listener too, so if anyone has any more suggestions; speak up. I am convinced that we can make a plan when we really have to. Let us get the proper planning in place so long.

    General De la Rey and others will rise the day we need them the most!
  • The Collapse of South Africa

    The Collapse of South Africa

    Jan Lamprecht

    When the Western world, with the connivance of then-President FW de Klerk and his National Party, finally forced the white government to surrender to the ANC, a massive chain-reaction was set in place: the steadily eroding reputation of South Africa as a once-stable country in a violent Africa. Despite all the problems that came with an apartheid government, South Africa was still relatively calm and peaceful. Now, it has erupted into chaos.

    Prior to the 1994 elections, the western world was suffering from a guilt-ridden conscience and needed a country or a people to project their insecurities onto. That arrow was aimed towards South Africa and its governing white minority. Indeed, it had been pointing in that direction for a generation prior to 1994.

    When de Klerk, with encouragement from the West, surrendered power to a rag-tag Marxist-inspired terrorist group, he achieved what all of South Africa's military enemies could never have achieved - the destruction of a once-powerful and once-proud South African Defense Force (SADF). It has been replaced with a force, known as the South African National Defense Force, which is far inferior to the old SADF. Instead, it has become a clone of the ANC's rag-tag band of terrorists, unable to maintain discipline, unable to execute effective military operations and tainted by crime, prostitution, drugs, AIDS, murder, drunken orgies, rape and more.

    With the dismantling of the SADF came the demise of the South African Police (SAP), once South Africa's "thin blue line" in the fight against crime. It was replaced by overweight, illiterate and ill-trained group now known as the South African Police Service. Indeed, it has become the best police force money can buy - from a criminal point of view. The new SAPS has proven beyond any doubt that it is not to be trusted, nor does it have the fight against crime at heart. Instead, it too has a large number of members in its ranks that moonlight as criminals. If the case of its commissioner, Jackie Selebi doesn=92t beg answer= s, then nothing ever will.

    The power supply utility, ESKOM, has, because of the policy of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA), effectively destroyed itself.

    There has been massive downward trend in investor confidence, industry, mining, manufacturing and tourism. Small businesses can no longer function effectively. Larger companies are facing massive financial losses - yet there seems to be an attitude of "we couldn't care less" by government. An industrial meltdown is of no apparent concern to the ANC and its fellow travelers.

    The standard of education has plummeted in recent years. No longer is a South African qualification internationally sought-after. It is now somewhat of a joke. Many students cannot read or write, but it is politically correct to advance them to the next grade, regardless of their results. Passing from grade to grade in schools and even universities is becoming easier by the day.

    Our hospitals are in a state of decay. Our infrastructure, carefully planned and built over generations, is crumbling. Unemployment is on the rise. Our water utilities are rapidly approaching collapse. The tourist industry is in disarray. Businesses can no longer run on real time due to failing traffic lights. Instead we all have to work on "African" time. Major operations need to be rescheduled. Planned business dinners is no longer possible. Telephone and internet disruptions are causing businesses massive financial losses. Sewage systems are collapsing. South Africa has reached a state of near-implosion.

    Yet, South Africa measures "success" by having one of the highest crime rates in the world. South Africa measures "success" by having an extraordinary high AIDS population. South Africa measures "success" by having the least educated president-to-be with the most wives and children in the world. Our "success" is also measured by how rapidly the currency devalues, how poor our national teams perform. Our "success" is also measured in terms of ridiculous government corruption.

    The collapse of South Africa started several years ago. The rapid decline into chaos has transformed a once-stable country into a banana republic. Yet, the collapse of South Africa is deemed internationally to be "progress".

    Jan Lamprecht was born and raised in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia, during the "Bush War", which resulted in Robert Mugabe coming to power. He was educated in Harare, the capital of the country, before leaving for South Africa, where he spent some time in the Navy. He wrote a book called "Government by Deception" about African politics related to Zimbabwe and the effects Mugabe's policies may have on other countries. He publishes a newsletter called Straight Talk.

    Sunday, March 2, 2008

    Violent Crime in South Africa: Nothing More Than Government Endorsed Retribution!

    Perhaps the greatest challenge currently facing post Apartheid South Africa is that of violent crime on a scale that assails the civilized mind with a ferocity that defies description. One of the most frequently asked questions these days is why the violence in SA? Why do these criminal swine resort to extreme violence and often torture in the perpetration of usually petty crimes like the theft of a cell phone and a few household belongings, nothing of which could ever be worth a human life?

    The answers are clear. The "New South Africa" is a country that after the release of Nelson Mandela and the build up to "democratic" elections, was birthed with electioneering slogans and chants that actively and unequivocally called for the slaughter of white South Africans. How else is one to interpret the meaning of "ONE SETTLER ONE BULLET" and "KILL THE BOER KILL THE FARMER"?

    These chants were the platform upon which the ANC rise to power in SA was engineered and it formed part of their campaign to rally support. It was a word-of-mouth undertaking throughout the entire black population of South Africa that the whites were to be slaughtered after the "Liberation" of South Africa on a piecemeal protracted basis in the exact manner that we see taking place in South Africa at this precise moment. We do not have the most sophisticated electorate on the planet - which African country does? The question therefore is, how would an unsophisticated electorate respond to the continuous brainwashing that white people have robbed them of everything they ever had, or could have had and that the white people are the cause of all ills that blacks, their ancestors and their descendants have ever, or are ever going to experience?

    Well we need only to open the daily newspapers in any city in SA on any given day and read the endless litany of violent crime being perpetrated in SA to arrive at the no-brainer that violent crime is the end product of ongoing propaganda by the ANC Govt., telling black people to exact revenge on white people for Apartheid. Indoctrinating the population of SA in this manner has been the most infantile accomplishment of the ANC Govt, with the most brutal outcome. The rest of the world, absolutely incapable of fathoming the rudimentary workings of the indigenous African mind are at a loss and white South Africans at as much of a loss as to understanding why the violence.

    After some thoughtful consideration, further answers become easily apparent. We are dealing with a race that for the entire history of its existence has not developed or evolved in the same way as most of the world's other races have. They have no written history prior to this being recorded by white people a few hundred years ago and this fact in itself challenges the exclusivity that South African blacks claim to this country at the exclusion of everybody else, particularly whites. We are dealing with a race that is infinitely fragmented into tribal and ethnic divisions, sub divisions, languages, dialects and others separatist mechanisms that makes defining them simply as "Black People" outrageously simplistic and myopic if any effort is to be made to understand the absolute inability of these people to contribute something constructive or positive to humanity. We are dealing with a race of people who, for whatever history of their existence is apparent, show us that the closest they have ever come to co-existing with other splinter tribes and ethnic groups was a degree of proximity that geographical obstacles, tribal hostilities and resources allowed for. There was no economic activity other than if one tribe or group required something they could not grow, make, or scratch out of the ground, they simply went over to a neighboring tribe, wiped them out, usually very cruelly; took their belongings and livestock and burned down their dwellings before disappearing. This is an activity that has deeply entrenched itself in black African history as a culture of entitlement as opposed to the mutually beneficial trade or barter that is more familiar to whites. WHAT HAS CHANGED?

    It is this same culture of entitlement and absolute lack of any economic evolution by indigenous black Africans that still manifests today as violent crime in modern societies all over the planet. It is a congenital peculiarity of blacks that no amount of integration into western societies will eradicate. It may refine their congenital predisposition to violent acquisition a little to give the illusion of similar levels of sophistication as western societies, but will never eradicate it. This is amply evidenced by people like Mugabe who wears a suit, is by Western standards eminently civilized and educated with SEVEN- university degrees. Look what he did to Zimbabwe for all his western style, sophistication and education - exactly what his ancestors have done throughout their history. By way of a deeply ingrained culture of entitlement, he has plundered, murdered and pillaged to acquire what he wanted because he simply knows no other way despite his westernization. Mugabe incidentally, has refined the culture of entitlement to such a degree and with such cunning that he has actually made a mockery of Western governments and their leaders. At grass roots level, this is all these people know and this is all they will ever do. It is the reason they were colonized in the first place and the reason they are being colonized again at this very moment by the Sino-Soviet alliance. This time however, black Africans, having been exposed as a murderous liability no matter where they put down their roots, will see that their new colonizers are not the benevolent, kindly BOERS they are currently killing daily. This time their colonizers will be a race of people that can currently put 200 million armed soldiers into the field at any time and THEIR approach to violent crime is simple - a bullet to the back of the head and the bill therefore to the criminals kin. In the meantime white South Africans are being slaughtered like pigs in an orgy of retribution by way of permanent penance for Apartheid. A system that was implemented precisely to preserve white people from the attentions of these savages that we see today but has been twisted by the international bleeding hearts society to be perceived as a diabolical mechanism for persecuting blacks. Opponents of Apartheid, by way of their voluble protestations, sanctions, etc. have shown that what little they understood of Apartheid amounted to the belief that white South Africans could only function if some perverse desire to see blacks squirming, dying and being humiliated on a daily basis was assuaged sufficiently for them to be able to build the South Africa that the ANC inherited, took credit for and then proceeded to destroy. Never has the thought been given by these bleeding heart liberals to the possibility that the implementation of Apartheid was an act of survival by white South Africans in an effort to isolate them from the attentions of blacks that we see these days in the form of brutally violent, criminal atrocities perpetrated on a scale that can by any definition only be described as a genocide of whites in SA. A genocide that has been cunningly planned all along by the ANC and equally as cunningly executed. A genocide that is being justified by apartheid and the victims thereof dismissed as acceptable losses for redressing "Past Injustices". A genocide that is explained away as crime. A genocide that the ANC government fully approves of, fully encourages, fully supports and fully endorses by its absolute refusal to do anything about violent crime against whites in South Africa. It is a genocide the agenda of which is clearly apparent to any thinking person without the odd loose cannon black giving it away at some "youth rally" where the call is routinely made to black youths to "Go and Steal from whites because they stole from us". THIS is the kind of indoctrination that generations of black youths have been subjected to - to such an extent that they see little merit in applying any personal effort or endeavor into acquiring anything that their "leaders" are telling them they can simply go and take from white people. If it involves killing the "white pig", all the better - remember" KILL THE BOER KILL THE FARMER". They don't even have to go to "youth rallies" to be told this, they hear it all the time because it is an ongoing part of the indoctrination strategy the ANC has inherited from the communists and implemented with absolute results. What the idiots haven't figured out is what they are going to do when all the whites have been slaughtered or driven out of South Africa, and every last possession of white people has been plundered and destroyed. The answer is equally clear, they turn on themselves and before long the beautiful country that whites built is reduced to rubble and is just another African civil war zone - until the neo-colonizers move in.

    In the meantime law abiding, unarmed, productive white South Africans are slaughtered without the immediate realization that for every white life gratuitously snuffed out hundreds of blacks will ultimately end up starving and dying in the years to follow, and when things in the "Liberated" country gets unbearable because the economy has collapsed, the "Free" blacks invade the very countries from where their "Oprpressors" originated and perpetuate their culture of entitlement there. So all those bleeding heart countries gleefully clapping their hands and laughing "Serves you right for Apartheid" (isolating yourself from black on white crimes); take note of who the perpetrators are in your cozy countries of unrest, riots, civil disobedience, murder, rape and robbery. I'll put my money on it that it's usually a black African.

    If the ANC Govt. is suddenly "Waking up to the Seriousness of crime" as recent reports suggest and Mbeki has called upon an international SPIN company to address South Africa's rapidly deteriorating image, there may be a few other things he can do. He can stand up and explain exactly what the ANC's agenda is for White South Africans and explain why white South Africans are being clearly targeted for violent crime as per early 1990's ANC electioneering slogans if these slogans are in fact not still being indoctrinated into the general black population of SA. If it is the intention of the ANC to specifically target white South Africans as yet another means of making whites pay permanent penance for Apartheid, why does he not rather pursue an agenda of negotiating with countries abroad to accept white South Africans as refugees and asylum seekers rather than murder them out of South Africa? Why has the ANC Government dispossessed and disarmed white South Africans while at the same time acquiring 60 Billion Rands worth of weapons of war - for a war with who, white people? Why is the ANC Government re-equipping the black population with bigger taxis knowing full well that these will soon be rendered unroadworthy like their predecessors. Could the purpose of these taxis be to bus hundreds of thousands of blacks into South African cities at a given moment with the intent to wipe out whites in an "UHURU" style genocide when Mandela dies, as is common knowledge amongst the black population? Are not the current brutal murders of whites the actions of blacks impatient to commence an UHURU and just whetting their appetites for this event? Come on Mbeki, what is your real agenda for whites in SA or is it just that the ANC government has no control over it's followers?

    By: Cynic
    A Rhodesian in Exile

    Source:African Crisis">

    Saturday, March 1, 2008

    New South Africa - CNN takes notice

    ANC Circular - June 1993

    Most of this has come to pass already!

    Click image to see full size!

    Friday, February 29, 2008

    The Genocide In Democratic South Africa

    They are conservative, Christian Caucasians, a fact that might help explain why the fashionable left in the West doesn’t much care that they’re being exterminated.

    The Boers—or farmers—of South Africa have tilled the land for generations, on small holdings or on large commercial farms. But orgiastic killing sprees by The People, in combination with a Stalinesque land grab by their representatives, is threatening this minority’s survival.

    Not to mention making life an inferno for farmers across the county.

    Journalists for "Carte Blanche," the South African equivalent of "20/20," conducted a six-month investigation into what has become known as farm murders, or "plaasmoorde" in Afrikaans. The short documentary opens with a funeral, Elsie Swart’s. Elsie was one of three farmers killed in the span of only seven days. She died after being “severely tortured, burned with an electric iron, beaten, and strangled to death.”

    The victims of this ongoing onslaught, we are told, are invariably elderly, law-abiding, god-fearing whites, murdered in cold blood, in ways that beggar belief. For the edification of racism spotters in the West, "Carte Blanche" ought to have pointed out that their assailants are always black.

    Typically, the heathens will attack on Sundays. On returning from church, the farmer is ambushed. Those too feeble to attend Sunday service are frequently tortured and killed when the rest are worshiping. In one crime scene, Bibles belonging to the slain had been splayed across their mangled bodies. In another, an “old man’s hand rests on the arm of his wife of many years.” She raped; he, in all likelihood, made to watch. Finally, with their throats slit, they died side by side.

    Beatrice Freitas has survived two farm attacks. Her equanimity belies the brutality she has endured. She and her husband immigrated to South Africa from Madeira 40 years ago. They built a thriving nursery near the Mozambiquean border. It supplied the entire region with beautiful plants. Some people build; others destroy. Beatrice tells her story as she drifts through the stately cycads surrounding the deserted homestead. There’s an ephemeral quality about her.

    When the four men attacked her, Beatrice says her mind “disappeared.” She and her permanently disabled husband, José, were tied up while the home was ransacked. When the brutes were through, they wanted to know where she kept the iron. They then took her to the laundry room, where two of them raped her, coated her in oil, and applied the iron. They alternated iron with boot. When they were through, 25 percent of Beatrice’s body was covered in third-degree burns. They suffocated her with a towel, and left her for dead, but she survived. She says the Lord saved her.

    No one was ever arrested—not then, and not after the couple was attacked three years later. This time Jose died “in a hail of bullets.” Arrests and convictions are rare. "Carte Blanche" tells of Dan Lansberg, shot dead in broad daylight. Members of his courageous farming community caught the culprits, but they “escaped” from the local police cells. As I’ve explained before, the newly configured South African police is a corrupt, illiterate, and ill-trained force, “riven by feuds, fetishes, and factional loyalties.” The South African justice system has collapsed, confirms Professor Neels Moolman, a criminologist. In democratic South Africa, a person has over a 90 percent chance of getting away with murder. Or as Moolman puts it, pursuing “a criminal career without fearing the consequences.”

    Sky News sent its correspondent to the northern province of South Africa, where the viewers are introduced to Herman Dejager. (CNN’s Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper and his pal Angelina Jolie were nowhere in sight.) Before retiring every night, Herman prepares to fight to the death to protect what’s his. He checks his bulletproof vest, loads the shotgun, and drapes ammunition rounds on the nightstand.

    Herman’s father died in his arms, shot in the face by intruders. Kaalie Botha’s parents were not so lucky: “You can’t kill an animal like they killed my mom and father. You can’t believe it.” Kaalie’s 71-year-old father’s Achilles tendons had been severed so he couldn’t flee. He was then hacked in the back until he died, his body dumped in the bush. His wife, Joey, had her head bashed in by a brick wielded with such force, the skull “cracked like an egg.”

    Dr. Gregory H. Stanton heads Genocide Watch. He says the slaughter of 2000 Boers is genocide. (One wonders why "Carte Blanche" drastically underreported the number of murdered Boers, pegging it at 1400 all told, when back in January of 2006, Genocide Watch reported a total of 1820 murders.) The rates at which the farmers are being eliminated, the torture and dehumanization involved—all point to systematic extermination.

    “Genocide is always organized, usually by the state,” Stanton has written on Genocide Watch’s website. Indeed, according to Sky News, the farmers believe “these attacks are an orchestrated, government sanctioned attempt to purge South Africa of white land owners, as has already happened in Zimbabwe.” Consequently, Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa, is now its dust bowl. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Marxist President, is greatly admired by Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s strongman, and head of the African National Congress.

    That certainly would explain why the ANC plans to dismantle the Commando System, a private Afrikaner militia that has existed since the 1770s, and is the only defense at the farmers’ disposal. More damningand contrary to the pro-forma denials issued by the ANC’s oleaginous officialsThe Daily Mail reported, in February 2006, that the government is dead-set-on forcibly seizing the land of thousands of farmers. By the year 2014, a third of the Boers’ property will have been given to blacks.

    In democratic South Africa, dispossession is nine-tenths of the law.

    ©2007 By Ilana Mercer